Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Framing Kids' Art

Do you have a budding Picasso? Come in and see the framing
possibilities for your child’s beautiful artwork. We can
take your child’s piece of art and turn it into a museumquality
presentation piece. You will have a truly one-of-a-kind
We will show you how to choose a frame that relates to the
color and size of the art. Mats will be chosen that blend with the
background and bring the colors out. And conservation glass will
protect the artwork for years to come. Adding a fillet, stacking
moulding, and layering mats can all create perspectives that will
enhance the artwork. And for those three-dimensional creations,
we recommend shadowboxes.
Children’s art provides endless possibilities. We can help you
frame the art for your child’s room or for your living room or family
room. Anything goes. Incorporating the design elements and
colors of the art to coordinate with the room it will be displayed
in is our specialty. Boost your child’s self esteem and, at the same
time, have a beautiful memory of a special project. Make this an
educational experience as well. Bring your children with you and
we will show your family how we can turn their art into a real
masterpiece for all to see in your home. ■

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Melissa the Holiday Queen said...

Some of my favorite art pieces hanging around my house are created by my daughters. I just love their uninhibited style!