Monday, April 23, 2012

Custom Framing Tips We like to remember life's special moments, don't we? So getting something framed shouldn't be so complicated, right? For many, choosing between a metal frame or a gold leaf frame sounds like another language. Things you... should know before setting foot in a custom frame shop. Tip #1: Framing is more expensive than you think. Even if you just paid $5 for that small watercolor you bought while backpacking through Europe a few years ago, it may cost more than $100 to frame. The cost of a frame is a per-foot rate, ranging from under $3 to more than $50 a foot depending on the materials used to make the frame. Even the glass can be pricey. One way to justify the hit to your bank account is to realize that this may be the only time you ever frame the piece if it's framed well, "You're not going to frame it again perhaps in your lifetime."

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