Monday, November 4, 2013

Butterflies at Frame By Frame

I sold the ones I had and now I have some more, Butterflies, the look great on the wall of a shelf.

Peruvian Butterfly Frames 
These butterflies are raised in butterfly farms in the Amazon Jungle. They live out the entirety of their lives so they can reproduce and grow to be big and beautiful. Once their lifecycle is complete, they are collected by the butterfly farmers and placed in these frames by artisans. These frames create a sustainable eco-system and also provide fair income for the local artisans and their families. Each frame is labeled with their scientific name by a license biologist. Additionally, all of the butterflies used in these frames are NOT endangered species and are all in the common butterfly family. The frames look best when hung near natural light, but it is recommended that they are kept out of direct sunlight. Butterflies are said to represent transformation and happiness. They bring color to your life and remind you to enjoy the “dance of life”.

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